TechAlias – Homecoming promo video

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Brand new banging trance track on Cloud9Dance’s famous Dedicated label. This time it is TechAlias, AKA Michael de Kooker, with his track titled ‘Homecoming’. The track comes in 3 completely different mixes, so everyone can pick out their favourite.

The original is a banging trancer with driving pulsing bass and awesome lead. Flirting with techno and trance, this combination is perfect for the big soundsystems.

The 2 remixes are made by the talented Mac & Monday under their Senua alias. These guys are on a roll with major support on their latest single which was the previous Dedicated release. Their first remix takes a more proggy approach, deep but still not forgetting the tech influences. Their second remix goes for a full on combination  of tech and house which will work very well on every single dancefloor.

So check it out and leave a comment! 


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