Michael de Kooker – My Sweet Dani

The track ‘My Sweet Dani’, which I wrote for my girlfriend, is featured on the hugely popular Armada Lounge compilation, alongside tracks from artists such as Chicane, Sunlounger, Dash Berlin, Delerium, Way out West and more. It’s a more relaxed and laidback vibe from my other stuff, but I love…

Michael de Kooker – Cruising [Out now!]

My new track ‘Cruising’ has been released on Laidback Luke’s ‘Mixmash Records’ on the 30th of January. It’s a progressive house track with bigroom melodies and some huge house beats. A preview has recently arrived on the Mixmash Soundcloud. So be sure to check it out! A perfect match for…

Michael de Kooker – Beam – Out now!

Bringing you the real taste of summer, taking you in with warm, sun-drenched beats, is the latest piece descending from Michael de Kooker’s studio: ‘Beam’. Weather might be looking gray and rainy today, but there’s no smile ‘Beam’ can’t fix. ‘Beam’ was recently selected for Misja Helsloot’s brand new compilation, ‘Beyond Tomorrow’, where it…

Showcase: MDK experiments

Thinking outside the box is to think differently. Let go of boundaries, stepping outside the comfort zone. If anyone knows how to handle this, it’s Michael de Kooker. He’s done anything from deep, dark prog to moving, melodic trance, housy madness and techy violence. You’ll rarely find a producer so…

A raw MDK deal: free track give-away

The  festival season hasn’t had its official kick-off yet. Not until this one kicks in. It crawls from the deep, builds towards madness, till it eventually breaks like the sun through the clouds. We’re dealing with ‘Raw’ here, and it’s about to hit your speakers. After releasing his ‘My Little…


Michael de Kooker ft. Nanje Nowack – Awake [Above All Records] – Coming soon

Michael de Kooker – My Sweet Dani [Armada Music]
Michael de Kooker – Cruising [Mixmash Records]
Michael de Kooker – Beam [Extended music / Beyourself music]

Michael de Kooker – My Little Music Box / Dear Daisy [Pilot 6 Recordings]
Michael de Kooker – Fundo Nua [Deal Records]
TechAlias – Homecoming [Dedicated]
M.W.T. – Sun Is Shining Bright [Deal Records]
Michael de Kooker – Mission Control EP [Combined Forces]
M.W.T – Robot Power [Walnut Records]
Michael de Kooker – Oasis / Hot Senorita [Razer Records]
Mr Monsieur – Melon Cocktail [Razer Records]
Mr Monsieur – Woohoo [Kompressor]
Michael de Kooker – Coconuts / Palmtrees [Razer Records]
M.W.T – Where’s The Square? [Deal Records]
Michael de Kooker – Glow / Flavoured [Combined Forces]
Michael de Kooker – The Twist [Combined Forces]
Dj Jerom & Michael de Kooker – Gloomy [Bittersweet]
Dj Jerom & Michael de Kooker – Body Combat [Bittersweet]


Sunlounger & Rocking J – Finca (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Magic Island / Armada Music]
Tao Hypah – Play The Girl (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Mental Madness Records]

Misja Helsloot vs. PMW – Ass Soon Ass Possible (Michael de Kooker Remix)  [Extended music]
Halliday – Heartbroken (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Cuepoint Records]
Armin van Buuren pres. Perpetuous Dreamer – Dust.wav (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Yakuza]
Anthem – It’s gonna be alright (M.W.T Remix) [3345 Recordings]
Cellec vs Ersa – Traveller 2009 (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Owano Recordings]
Van der Vleuten – Find my way (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Combined Forces]
Luc Poublon – Gerontion (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Initials Records]
Devoice – Kingdom of Thrust (Mr. Monsieur Remix) [Kompressor]
Romi ft. Tiff Lacey – Soothsayer (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Combined Forces]
Dave Graham ft. Cat Martin – Love Always Fades (Michael de Kooker Remix)[Soundpiercing]
DJ Jinx – Trocadero (Michael de Kooker Remix) [Deal Records]
Veracocha – Carte Blanche 2008 (Radio Edit) [Cloud 9 Dance]
Veracocha – Carte Blanche 2008 (Remix Package #3) [Combined Forces]
Vincent de Moor – Sunflower (Michael de Kooker’s Classical Remix) [More moor]
Ruben de Ronde meets Jinx – Sunny Day in Paris (M.W.T.’s Evil Computer Mix) [Deal Records]