Promo: Michael de Kooker – My Little Music Box / Dear Daisy

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Ever searching for the perfect style fusion, we find Michael de Kooker unlock perfect balance with his debut E.P. on the Pilot 6 label.

You’ll rarely find a producer that manages to switch and blend styles so flowing like Michael does. The Dutch talent likes to touch boundaries, so he can erase them and create a new, unknown combinations to sweep the floors with.The MDK sound has always touched the edge of something, whether it was his trancy ‘The Twist’, bold and tough ‘Glow’, tech-house flavoured ‘Whoohoo’, sun-drenched ‘Fundo Nua’ or remixes for Ruben de Ronde, Dave Graham, Vincent de Moor and Veracocha.

It’s that last one that caused his real breakthrough in EDM, his legendary remix for Veracocha classic ‘Carte Blanche’ blew dance land away. With a Dutch Top 40 position and Radio 538 Dance Smash title, the future shows unlimited possibilities for Michael.

Well, the future is now and you’ll find it on Pilot 6 in ‘My Little Music Box’ & ‘Dear Daisy’.Growling its way up to unravel a big-bass anthem with a hauntingly beautiful and eerie break, is ‘My Little Music Box’. Don’t let its name fool you, this is nothing less than big, peak-time stuff! Inspired by a real carillon à musique, Michael keeps the windup key in ‘My Little Music Box’ turning and turning, to break out into an absolute floor destroyer.

On the flipside, ‘Dear Daisy’ sooths with a delicate mix of melody-infused tech-house and sensual, electro-tingled prog.

This guy indulges with a full-colour palette of every shade dance music has to offer. And we love it!



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