Free track: Michael de Kooker – Lixia!!

on Apr 22 in Music by

Yep.. that’s right.. I’m giving away a free track!
Why? Well, why not?

I went to Ibiza last year with a bunch of my friends and made this track with Ibiza on my mind.
Then I forgot all about it and just rediscovered it last week. With spring and summer calling again this year, I figured it made sense to simply put it online for others to enjoy!

It’s a summerish progressive trance track called Lixia. Lixia signifies the beginning of summer in East Asian cultures.

You can download this track at my SoundCloud, and while you´re at it: please subscribe there if you want to be updated on my latest tracks! 🙂

For the people without SoundCloud, you can also download the track here.

Have fun and enjoy!

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